General Product Description: 
Description of Changes
Dear valued customer, In an effort to maintain same revision level of parts across entire documentation and to avoid conflicts between revision in shipping labels to drawings, we are aligning Product drawing revision & Central Part Registry revision level. Also we use this opportunity to fix rounding and conversion errors (from inch to mm / mm to inch) to avoid mismatch between Product drawing and shipping labels. This change is for administrative purpose only and there is no change in Form, Fit and Functions of the product. This change will be processed with PPAP level 1 / First Article Inspection (FAI). If you need PPAP document, then apply for e-PPAP. Existing inventory to be consumed in First In First Out (FIFO) basis. (There is a cooling period of 180 days upto which part with old labels can be shipped) We thank you for your business and look forward to servicing you through our standard part offerings in the future.
Reason for Changes:
Update made to improve document clarity
PCN Attributes:
Product Category: Kind of Change:
Heat Shrink Tubing Drawing
Change Feature: Potential Customer Impact:
Revision Adjustment No Customer Impact
Estimated Dates:
Last Order Date (Obsolete Parts Only): First Ship Date of Changed Items (Changed Parts Only):
Last Ship Date of Changed Items (Obsolete Parts Only): Last Date for Mixed Shipments: (Changed Parts Only):
No Mixed Shipments
Effectivity Date: Date of First Samples:
Part Number(s) being Modified:
Part Number Part Discontinued per PCN Alias Part Number(s)
NB07394001 NO HTAT-12/3-0-SP
NB07544001 NO HTAT-16/4-0-SP
NB07552001 NO HTAT-16/4-0-STK
NB07744001 NO HTAT-24/6-0-SP
NB07752001 NO HTAT-24/6-0-STK
NB08004001 NO HTAT-4/1-0-SP
NB08184001 NO HTAT-8/2-0-SP
NB14832001 NO DWP-125-1/2-0-STK
NB14882001 NO DWP-125-1/8-0-STK


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