Product Change Notification: PCN-23-173620 PCN Date: 26-APR-23
Customer: Sommer GmbH ( 1272937 ) Location: Neuhausen Agreement: Agreement Unknown
TE would like to inform you of the following change(s) to the listed TE Connectivity Product. In case of any further questions about this change(s), please contact your TE Connectivity Sales Engineer. Affected part, drawing and/or specification numbers are listed on the attached sheet(s).
General Product Description: (Text limited to 120 characters)
Description of Changes
The listed part numbers are being discontinued and no longer available. Please consult with your local customer sales representative for further details.


Reason for Changes:
Product Discontinuance
PCN Attributes:
Product Category: Kind of Change:
Insulation and Bundling Status Change
Change Feature: Potential Customer Impact:
Estimated Dates:
Last Order Date (Obsolete Parts Only): First Ship Date of Changed Items (Changed Parts Only):
Last Ship Date of Changed Items (Obsolete Parts Only): Last Date for Mixed Shipments: (Changed Parts Only):
27-APR-2023 No Mixed Shipments
Effectivity Date: Date of First Samples:
Part Number(s) being Modified:
Part Number Part Discontinued per PCN Customer Drawing Customer Part Number Alias Part Number(s) Substitute Part Number Substitute Alias Part Number(s) Description Of Difference
971347N001 YES 5-1197508-3, EXRM-0863-110-1000