Printed Heat Shrink Tubing Cable Marker

Flexible cable labelling with printed shrink tubing

Flexible cable labelling with printed and perforated shrink tubing: a innovation in labelling technology

The world of industrial labelling is undergoing a ground-breaking evolution, and at the heart of this revolution is simple and flexible cable labelling with printed and perforated shrink tubing, which is available from us in various packaging forms (on spools, pieces, taped). This state-of-the-art process not only promises precise labelling, but is also easy to use and far superior to conventional methods.

Why cable labelling is so crucial:

Cable identification plays a crucial role in any professional environment. Be it in electronics, engineering or telecommunications, the ability to clearly label cables is fundamental to efficient maintenance, troubleshooting and expansion of systems.

The innovation of self-adhesive heat shrink tubing:

Traditional methods of cable marking can often be time consuming and prone to error. This is where self-adhesive heat shrink tubing comes into play. With its unique ability to constrict after heating and thereby adhere firmly to the cable, it not only creates a permanent marking, but also provides an additional layer of insulation.

The miracle of printing:

The real revolution, however, lies in the printed shrink sleeve. Using state-of-the-art printing technologies, not only numbers and letters can be printed, but also complex patterns, logos and colour coding. This not only enables fast identification, but also opens the door to a wide range of possible applications.

Three ways to perfect printing: thermal transfer, hot stamp and inkjet:

We offer not just one, but three state-of-the-art printing methods for our printed shrink sleeves. The thermal transfer process not only ensures razor-sharp, long-lasting labelling, but also enables printing on both sides of the shrink sleeve. The hot stamp process produces a permanent, reproducible marking. And finally, the ink-jet process enables colourful and highly detailed marking. Choose the method that best suits your requirements.

Perforation options for added versatility:

Our innovation doesn’t stop there. In addition to printing, we also offer the option to perforate our shrink sleeves. This feature allows for even easier handling, especially when used on complex cable structures. Perfect marking and easy application – that is the future of cable labelling.

Shrink sleeve markers printed in ladder packaging: maximum convenience for your application:

Schrumpfschlauchmarkierer Gurtverpackung bedruckt und perforierert

We understand that efficiency in application is just as important as the quality of the labelling. That’s why we offer the option of packing the printed and perforated shrink sleeve markers in ladder packaging. This not only facilitates use, but also ensures tidy and efficient storage.

Suitable for any size: From 1.5 mm to 50 mm inner diameter:

Schrumpfschlauch bedruckung 1,5mm bis 50mm

Our printed and perforated heat-shrink tubing adapts to any dimension. From 1.5 mm to 50 mm inner diameter, we offer customised solutions for every cable. Whether it’s delicate electronic cables or robust industrial cables, our technology gets your marking right to the point.

Cable markings that set standards:

Phasenkennzeichnung schrumpfschlauch

The use of cable markers is another facet of this progress. They not only mark the entire cable, but also specific sections or connections. This is particularly invaluable in complex systems where multiple cables are interconnected.

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